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Meet The Babes


Lauren Kozelka

Lauren Kozelka is the store manager at Kottke Jewelers; she is the wife to Kyle and momma to 3-year-old son, Rory. Lauren is a lifelong resident of Owatonna and is in her 10th year of being a “Kottke Girl.” She was beyond excited to return in 2015 after graduating from Winona State University to continue her career with Kottke Jewelers as their store manager, where her love for jewelry and fashion is shown through purchasing and designing jewelry for all styles. She enjoys the quaint yet modern atmosphere of this 101-year-old family business where they have served generations of family and friends! A few things you may not know about Lauren: she loves graphic design, party planning, reading, traveling & spending time with her little one!


Lisa Cochran

Lisa Cochran is the Corporate Sales Manager at Hat Chic Clothing Company as of April 2021. She is the proud mom of Tyler (and his wife Leah) and daughter Emily who, much to her delight, all live in Owatonna. She absolutely loves being grandma to Elliott (6) and Ainsley (4), who definitely keep her on her toes. She has been married to Steve since 1989, and now they are raising Ted, their slightly needy but totally loveable rescue dog. She loves to read, shop, and dream about redecorating. A few things you may not know about Lisa: She married her high school sweetheart; she actually kind of likes Winter in MN, and she can be just a tad bit sarcastic at times. She loves being a part of the Owatonna Community - and is especially looking forward to all the changes happening in the downtown.


Nicole Winter

Nicole Winter is the owner of Urban Loft and the mother of 2 wonderful girls: Paige, who is going on 19, and Morgan, who is creeping up on 18. Nicole started her first retail store in 1997 and has been growing and adapting it ever since. She has a passion for making spaces feel warm and cozy and LOVES helping the friends and customers she has met over the years. Things you may not know about Nicole: She loves gardening, hard work, sushi, creating, entertaining groups of all sizes, laughing, painting, and of course, her girls!


Tanya Henson

Tanya Henson is the owner of Hat Chic Clothing Company located in downtown Owatonna. She started the Hat Chic from her dining room table in 2013. In 2015, she rented out a space just for homecoming, and it did so well she never left! In 2018, she expanded into a space right next door over triple the size of her previous location. Tanya was born and raised in Carlsbad, New Mexico. She went to college at New Mexico State University with a bachelor’s degree in Home Economics and Fashion Merchandising. She married Garret Henson in 1995 and moved to Owatonna in 2001.  Garret is the VP of Sales at Viracon here in Owatonna. They have 2 sons: Samuel, 18, and Drew, 15, who are very active in soccer, baseball, and football. Tanya and her family love being a part of the Owatonna community!

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